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Oct 31
National Cyber Security Awareness Wrap Up and Contest Winners

​With the last day of October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month is at an end. While October brought the focus on cyber security, it’s an ongoing process that everyone should be aware of all year long. Remember STOP.THINK.CONNECT!
We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest.  And a special congratulations to our Cyber Security Awareness contest winners:
    Marius Leusca
    Amina Husnoo Noormahamod

Oct 30
​Phishing Stats for the month of October

​As you may be aware, Sask Polytech was hit with a substantial amount of phishing attacks during the month of October.  During the first week of October alone, there were more than 6000 antimalware incidents that infected approx 1000 computers as well as approx 400,000 spam and malware emails being quarantined.


By October 27, over 150,000 malware incidents had been quarantined or removed from almost 1500 computers. Also, over 1,360,000 emails were quarantined before they reached any users mailbox because they had been identified as spam or as having malware.


Don't be a statistic!  To learn what phishing is, how to identify possible phishing attacks and how to prevent getting phished, attend one of the "Phishing Training" sessions ITS is hosting via Skype.  For more information see "Upcoming Employee Events" on mySaskPolytech.


Oct 27
Respect People's Property

​This includes music, videos, art and any other copyrighted materials. You wouldn't steal someone's work in the real world.

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Oct 26
Be Respectful of Others

​It is easy to say things from behind a computer screen that you would never say face to face. Maintain the same level of courtesy online that you would in the real world.

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Oct 25
Safer for Me, More Secure for All

​What you do online has the potential to affect everyone – at home, at work and around the world. Your responsible behavior online helps keep others safe, too.

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NCSAM 2017 - Shared Responsibility.png

Oct 24
The Golden Rule Applies Online too

​Think about whether what you're posting would be something you'd want to read about yourself.

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Oct 23
Share With Care

​Before posting anything about yourself or others, consider what that post might reveal, who might see it and how it might be viewed by anyone else in the future.

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Oct 20
4 Pointers to Secure Your Online Accounts

​1. Use complex passwords with a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters.
2. Use unique passwords for different accounts.
3. Turn on multi-factor authentication for any accounts that have that option. Multi-factor authentication validates a user's identity through a combination of 2 or more methods that includes something you know (password), something you have (smartphone) and something you are (fingerprint).
4. Monitor your accounts regularly to ensure there's no suspicious activity and your privacy settings haven't changed.

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Oct 19
4 Ways to Safeguard Your Device

​1. Lock it using either a passcode or biometrics.  This protects your smartphone from anyone picking it up and being able to access any accounts and data on it
2. Install an antivirus. Just like your computer, your smartphone can be a target for viruses and malware.
3. Download trustworthy apps.  Read the reviews and monitor the permissions the app is asking for.
4. Be wary of texts or phone calls from unknown numbers.  Don't click on embedded links in texts from unknown numbers. An example of a phishing email is below.


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Oct 18
Cyber Security Awareness Month - Contest
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Comment on or like a post on our blog for your chance to win 1 of 2 - $50 certificate for Sask Polytech Bookstores.
  • One entry per person per post
  • Contest open to Sask Polytech students and employees
  • Contest closes October 27, 2017

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